Nigerians Applaud President Tinubu for Appointing Prof. Utsev as Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation

Nigerians nationwide have expressed their appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his astute choice in appointing Prof. Joseph Utsev as the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation. The commendation came during a special segment of Radio Link, a popular audience participatory program on Radio Nigeria, where Prof. Utsev and the Minister of State in the Ministry, Barrister Bello Goronyo, were featured.

Listeners from various parts of the country called in on Saturday (May 18, 2024), lauding the Federal Ministry for Water Resources and Sanitation for its exemplary performance under Prof. Utsev’s leadership. They urged the ministry to declare a state of emergency on water and sanitation issues in the country.

Many callers emphasized the importance of dredging Rivers Benue and Niger, protecting Lake Chad, and constructing more dams to ensure water availability nationwide. They highlighted the critical role of water resources in promoting food security and enhancing hygiene standards across Nigeria.

Speaking during the program, Prof. Utsev reiterated the ministry’s unwavering commitment to its mandate of providing clean water and sanitation to all Nigerians. He emphasized collaborative efforts with state governments, the Federal Ministry for Agriculture, and other agencies to tackle water scarcity and sanitation challenges effectively.

Acknowledging the obstacles facing river basins, Prof. Utsev outlined plans to revitalize these areas to promote mechanized and irrigational farming, thereby boosting agricultural productivity. He also underscored the ministry’s proactive measures in addressing flood disasters, revealing ongoing initiatives aimed at minimizing flood occurrences nationwide.

The swift and decisive actions taken by the Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation under Prof. Utsev’s stewardship within the first year of President Tinubu’s administration have earned widespread praise and confidence from Nigerians. As the ministry continues its efforts to ensure water security and sanitation for all, optimism abounds for a healthier and more prosperous Nigeria.

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