2027 Election: Prof Kailani Alleges Conspiracy Against Tinubu

In a recent development, Prof Kailani Muhammad, Director General of the Confederation of All Progressives Congress Support Groups (CASG), has raised alarms about a purported conspiracy against President Bola Tinubu as the 2027 presidential election approaches. Speaking during a ceremony where he received an Award of Excellence in National Service from the Supreme Head of the Nzuko Nd’ Imo Organisation (NNIO) in Abuja, Prof Kailani highlighted potential threats from within the Northern Elders Forum and other northern groups.

Prof Kailani expressed his concerns about these factions, suggesting that they are working against President Tinubu’s interests. He urged the President to be vigilant and proactive in countering these conspiracies. A key recommendation from Prof Kailani was for President Tinubu to incorporate CASG members into his administration. He argued that appointing members of CASG would not only secure their unwavering support but also enhance the overall efficacy of the APC government.

“If he does that, we will definitely back him. We want him to do the right thing. He should come and uplift the support groups. Up till now, we have not seen any appointments,” Kailani remarked, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and empowering the support groups that played a crucial role in Tinubu’s rise to power.

Prof Kailani also emphasized that involving CASG members in the government would contribute to the nation’s economic prosperity and overall development. His statements reflect a call for President Tinubu to acknowledge the contributions of these groups and solidify their loyalty through strategic appointments.

Echoing Kailani’s sentiments, CASG President Prof Chris Ogbonna highlighted the pivotal role of their organization in facilitating Tinubu’s presidential victory. Ogbonna asserted that CASG’s efforts have significantly deepened democracy in Nigeria, suggesting that their continued support is essential for the President’s success and the country’s democratic progress.

As Nigeria looks towards the 2027 elections, these assertions and recommendations from prominent figures within CASG underscore the complex political dynamics at play and the strategic maneuvers required to maintain unity and support within the ruling party.

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